Tips for Using the ICD-10-CM Code Book

  The implementation of ICD-10-CM brought many changes to the world of coding.  Most notable was the increase in available diagnosis codes from 14,000 to 68,000 when ICD-10-CM was first implemented in October 2015. With the additions for FY 2017 now pushing 70,000, it is crucial to follow the conventions, symbols, and guidelines provided throughout... Continue Reading →

My CPC Story

I began my career working for a small-town family practitioner.  He was rebuilding his private practice after spending many years working in a trauma center.  Initially, I was his only employee and responsible for many aspects of the practice – running the front desk, rooming patients and assisting with procedures.  As his practice grew and... Continue Reading →

There’s a Code for That!

With the implementation of ICD-10 in October 2015, the number of potential diagnosis codes expanded from 13,000 to 68,000.  One category of codes that received an extensive overhaul was the external cause codes.  These codes are most often used in conjunction with codes from Chapter 19 of the ICD-10 code book: Injury, Poisoning and Certain... Continue Reading →

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